To have our elementary school named a Blue Ribbon school not once, but twice, is an amazing honor!
-Wade Putnal, Elementary Principal
Over the past eleven and a half years, the teachers and staff have loved, supported and encouraged my children in ways I never could have anticipated.
-FPD Parent
Our 1-to-1 Initiative promotes critically engaged learning, meaningful expression, connection to the teacher, and preparation for life in the 21st century.
-Dr. Barry Shealy, Assistant Headmaster
I think community service is important, because it is a way to give back. The gratitude that people show and the feeling that gives you make the experiences really special.
-Kailey Bohan, Class of 2019
The FPD fine arts department is a community. The faculty are endlessly supportive, getting to know the students and challenging them to grow and learn.
-Megan Huggins, Class of 2016

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