I always know I can go to any of my coaches about anything. They definitely know how to teach life lessons through sports and have a passion for doing it.
-Will McCormick, Class of 2016
It was wonderful to feel how welcomed and loved my daughter was on her first day of Pre-Kindergarten.
-FPD Parent
Our 1-to-1 Initiative promotes critically engaged learning, meaningful expression, connection to the teacher, and preparation for life in the 21st century.
-Dr. Barry Shealy, Assistant Headmaster
There is no greater feeling than to glorify God with the talents He has given you.
-Sunday Stokes, Class of 2016, Dancer
I think community service is important, because it is a way to give back. The gratitude that people show and the feeling that gives you make the experiences really special. You go in thinking you are changing their life, but it also impacts you.
-Kailey Bohan, Class of 2019

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