About FPD’s Campus

First Presbyterian Day School was established in 1970. Located on over 200 acres in the suburbs of Macon, Georgia, the campus serves over 1000 students in grades 3K through twelfth. Students enjoy a warm, welcoming environment, challenging curriculum, and inspiring faculty.

Students in 3K through Kindergarten are housed in our Kindergarten Building located on the north side of the campus.  In the classroom, students enjoy brightly decorated walls, centers full of exciting activities, and opportunities to engage with technology using iPads equipped with educational apps. Outside, they have a designated pelementary_small_websitelayground specifically designed for their level of abilities and interests. These young students visit the elementary music center, art room, computer lab, language lab, science lab, and library on a regular basis.

Students in first grade through fifth comprise our elementary school. The Elementary Building is located in the center of the campus and is equipped with surround sound and Smart Boards in each classroom. Outside, the young students have access to their own playground full of space to run and play.  In the classroom, iPads enhance education in grades first through fourth while fifth graders begin using tablets.

highschool_MAC_small_websiteStudents in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade comprise FPD’s middle school. Each grade in middle school has its own hall in order to create strong relationships and class unity. After middle school, students in ninth grade through twelfth enjoy classes the FPD High School Building. The beautiful facility features the latest technology that allows teachers to connect with the students in the classroom and create active and engaged discussion. The High School Building features several labs for biology and chemistry exploration as well as a lecture hall for group presentations.

Other facilities on campus include the Middlebrooks Athletic Center (the MAC) featuring FPD’s main gymnasium and the Viking Store. Adjacent to the MAC is an expansive weight room to train our athletes. Our Viking athletes enjoy exceptional athletic venues directly on campus including the FPD Ben Harden Memorial Baseball Field, Austin Childers Football Field, Dick Frame Track & Field Complex, Softball Field, George Peake and Anne Peake Cross Country Trail, Tennis Center, Soccer Complex, and the Zach Gymnasium.

On the north side of the MAC is FPD’s Clark Fine Arts Center. Home to a 500 seat auditorium, the Clark Fine Arts Center houses FPD’s weekly chapel sessions as well as theatrical productions, performances, and parent meetings. Also within the Clark Fine Arts Center is the FPD Band Department, Art Deart room_smallpartment, Elementary Music, Chorus, Mac Lab, and the Center for Student Success. FPD’s Art Department has three separate art rooms – one for elementary, middle, and high school so each division can have materials and lessons appropriate for their age. In the hallways, beautiful student creations are displayed within our campus gallery spaces.

In elementary school, students begin dining in the FPD Cafeteria. The Cafeteria features a variety of lunch options including a deli and salad buffet, pizza station, and daily choices of fresh entrees, vegetables, and starch. On special occasions, the Dining Hall host uniquely themed menus such as a panini buffet, waffle bar, baked potato bar, Mardi Gras day and more.

In the center of campus, connected to the Elementary Building, is FPD’s Media Center. Housing thousands of books, the Media Center is divided into an elementary side, complete with a colorful reading tree gathering spot, and a middle/high school side. The middle and high school side is furnished with comfortable arm chairs and tables so that students can delve into good books in a relaxed, university-like environment. The Media Center also houses FPD’s IT Help Desk where students can get assistance with their tablet devices.

The campus grounds are professionally landscaped and include various outdoor seating options as well as an outdoor classroom space. Elementary students are able to explore the FPD Nature Trail and Educational Gardens.  Middle & High School Students also enjoy an outdoor dining area adjacent to the Cafeteria.