High School

We are extremely honored and thankful that God has provided a wonderful place for young men and women to finalize their formal training in high school as they begin the journey toward college and adulthood. We have a terrific faculty, facility and environment in which young people can flourish. We are truly committed to working with and making this experience meaningful and personal for every student. Success can be seen and measured from our efforts in fine arts, to the classrooms and into the arena of athletics. We are always striving for the pursuit of excellence in both individual and collective opportunities for our students.

Life often resembles the pages of a book. Every day our students are writing a new page to their adventure. Their time at the Day School provides a unique chapter to the book of their lives. The students who walk the halls of FPD are writing their own plot lines. Some are stories that will fulfill dreams and aspirations. Other students are searching for answers to their own unique challenges. We desire to walk every step with each child.

FPD is special setting for all of our students. During their time here our students will grow through the many events that shape their lives. Growth comes through the heartaches and joys on the athletic field and the bonds that strengthen us as we gather for plays and chapels. Our teachers and coaches nurture our students as they strive for excellence in many facets of their lives. Yes, high school is like a book. Each book is different, yet each book is the same. The binding that ties us together will never unwind. “A man’s mind plans his way but the Lord directs his steps” – Proverbs 19:9.


Matt Kitchell
High School Principal