How to Give

Jennifer Barfield website mugTo make a gift to FPD, contact Director of Advancement Jennifer Barfield (pictured far right).

Give Online!

Equipping Our Students List (Dec. 5, 2013)

Ways to Give to FPD

  • First Presbyterian Day School accepts gifts of cash (including checks and credit cards), stocks and securities, real estate, personal property, life insurance policies, charitable trusts, and bequests.
  • Cash
  • Cash or Check (Make payable to FPD)
  • Credit card gifts or payments may be made online. Click (link to online gifts)

Charitable Trusts

Donors are advised to consult with their own legal, tax or estate planning professional when considering donations other than cash. This information is general in nature and should not be construed or relied upon as tax or legal advice.

Life Insurance

Real Estate

  • Defined as real property or interest in real property such as land or physical structures
  • Immediate fair market value charitable deduction and avoidance of capital gains tax


  • Publicly Traded Securities and Mutual Funds – readily marketable securities
  • Closely Held Securities – securities in privately-held companies
  • Immediate fair market value charitable deduction and avoidance of capital gains tax


  • Please contact Director of Advancement Jennifer Barfield to give a gift of stock to FPD.
  • For tax purposes the gift is valid at the average of the high and low price on the day the shares are delivered or transferred to FPD.

Annual Fund

Q. What is the Annual Fund?

A. The Annual Fund is the avenue through which our families and friends are able to enrich the educational experiences of the students at FPD. This fund allows us to enhance resources and opportunities beyond the basic educational costs covered by tuition. It provides state-of-the-art resources and technology in classrooms, modernized science and language labs, campus renovations and updates, additions to our athletic and Fine Arts programs, and gifts for the Tuition Assistance Program.

Q. How does FPD utilize the Annual Fund gifts?

A. At the beginning of each fiscal year, the administration works closely with faculty and staff to formulate a list of prioritized needs for FPD. Donations given to the Annual Fund are spent on these necessities.

Q. Is my gift tax deductible?

A. FPD is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization, so gifts made to the school do qualify for a tax deduction. Please consult your tax advisor for rules governing your tax situation.

Q. Why should my gift be unrestricted?

A. Annual Fund gifts are typically unrestricted so that they may be used wherever they are needed the most. This enables the administration and faculty to make sure that the specific needs of FPD are met. Of course, gifts which are designated to a particular program are also welcome.

Q. Who gives to the Annual Fund?

A. FPD receives Annual Fund support from all members of the FPD community including parents, alumni, grandparents, parents of alumni, faculty and staff, board members, friends of the school and foundations.

Q. Why should I give to the Annual Fund?

A. As a member of the FPD community, your gift to the Annual Fund is important because it shows your support of FPD and its mission of “educating and equipping students to change the world for God’s glory.” The continued growth and strengthening of FPD is made possible by the gifts made to the Annual Fund each year.

Endowment Fund

The long-term financial plan for FPD includes building a strong endowment fund. Gifts to the endowment fund will build a corpus that will never be used. The money that the fund earns can then be used to fund such things as scholarships, faculty development, and facility maintenance. As the corpus grows the financial stability grows! Gifts to the endowment are also tax deductible.


GOAL Contribution Tax Form


GOAL – Board of Visitors/Promo Form

Under a Georgia state law established in 2008, you are now encouraged to redirect a portion of your state income tax to provide need-based tuition assistance to eligible FPD students.

Here’s what that means to you.

  • You can choose how a portion of your Georgia state income tax dollars will be used.
  • You can help children who aspire for a Christ centered college preparatory education, but whose families are unable to afford the entire tuition.
  • You can do this at no net cost to you.

The Georgia Private School Tax Credit Law encourages Georgia taxpayers to direct a portion their state income tax payments to provide need-based tuition assistance to students who are currently enrolled in a Georgia public school, who demonstrate a financial need and who desire a FPD education.

FPD has partnered with the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program to help facilitate the provisions of the law and offer students with Greater Opportunities for Access to Learning (GOAL). GOAL is a state approved 501c3 tax exempt organization, established specifically for facilitating this law.

In a nutshell, the law has a few basic provisions.

  • You choose to direct a portion of your state income tax liability to the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program, designated for FPD. This is accomplished through a tax deductible gift that you make to GOAL, and an offsetting state income tax
  • credit, creating a net zero outlay to you.
  • GOAL releases those funds to FPD, as they are requested and approved, for the purpose of providing need-based tuition assistance to eligible FPD students.

Consider taking full advantage of this unique and powerful opportunity to equip Georgia children to change the world for God’s glory.

How you can participate.
1. Complete the GOAL Scholarship Contribution Form.

  • Enter your and your spouse’s name, address and contact information.
  • Enter the amount of state income tax that you wish to redirect to the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program, designated for FPD. The legal limits are listed on the form.
  • Check the box that describes your tax filing status

2. Sign and date page 2 of the enclosed Georgia Form IT-QEE-TP1 form.

  • This is the form that the state will use to record your contribution. We will complete the rest of the form on your behalf, if you would like.

3. Write a check to “Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program” or use your credit card information for the amount of state income tax you wish to redirect.

4. Mail the two forms and check to:
First Presbyterian Day School, Inc.
5671 Calvin Drive
Macon, Georgia 31210
Attn: Chris Childers

That’s it! The FPD-GOAL team will receive your packet and handle the rest on your behalf. In early January, FPD will send you information about the details on how to claim your state income tax credit on your 2012 Georgia state income tax return.