Middle School

MollyPearson-CROPWelcome to First Presbyterian Day School’s Middle School!

We are thankful that you are taking the opportunity to visit us as you seek to make a decision on enrollment. I encourage you to walk around campus, ask questions, and ‘feel’ the environment. Let me share a few thoughts in regards to why I think FPD’s middle school is the best place to be!

Life in the middle school is exciting and active! Within our fine arts program, students are encouraged to sing, act, produce, create, construct, paint, and work the sound system. Students have the opportunity to compete in a variety of arenas such as math team, spelling bees, geography bees, science projects and word challenges. Students develop their athletic gifts on our wide array of courts, fields, and tracks. Community service is encouraged as our Junior Beta club and advisories seek ways to enhance the lives of others. Course offerings such as technical theater, creative communications, reading rejuvenation, problem-solving, and computer applications provide places outside of the core areas for students to discover and develop their unique gifts.

We are growing here at FPD through a common goal of educating and equipping students to change the world for God’s glory. One way we work toward this in the middle school is through establishing healthy relationships in a Christ-like manner. Student to teacher, student to student, student to coach, teacher to teacher, teacher to parent – all of these interactions are thriving on a daily basis. In advisory, students feel free to share personal goals with their teacher, and it is common to hear a child ask “Can I see you after class for a minute?” Relationships also build as students support each other and stand up for one another in times of crisis. Parents and teachers are strengthened by feelings of hope and teamwork after conferencing. Positive peer relations are reflected in an air of excitement generated by teachers as they work together on new ideas for the classroom.

Relationships based on the love of Christ are the foundation on which we form welcoming bonds to new families and friends. Middle school students thrive on healthy relationships. The following quote from master middle school teacher, John Lounsbury, sums up the essence of middle school.

“No other age level is of more importance to the future of individuals, and, literally, to that of society; because these are the years when youngsters crystallize their beliefs about themselves and firm up their self-concepts, their philosophies of life and their values – the things that are the ultimate determinants of their behaviors.” Understanding and Appreciating the Wonder Years

Welcome to FPD!

Molly M. Pearson
Middle School Principal