As we continue to navigate this school year, we have updated FPD’s Distance Learning policies in order to best serve students and maintain strong academic standards.

Changes to Distance Learning 

  • Families requesting Distance Learning will commit for the remainder of that QUARTER instead of monthly.
  • All middle and high school exams and major tests will be taken on campus, unless otherwise approved by your child’s principal.
  • Distance learning students will no longer be able to participate in extracurricular activities, including athletics, fine arts, and robotics.

Mid-Term Exam Options for Distance Learners

In their classroom at normal exam times – Distance Learning students can take their exam with their classmates at the regular scheduled times below.

In the gymnasium at different times – Distance Learning students can also take their exams in a much more spaced-out environment with desks in the Zach gymnasium. Times for this option are listed below. If you select this option, contact your child’s principal so that exams can be ready.

Please continue to stay home if you have symptoms of illness

We will continue to take precautions to keep our campus safe. If your child is ill, has symptoms of illness, or is exposed to someone with COVID, please contact our school nurse Katie Collier at 478.319.9422. The Distance Learning options are still available for students who need to stay home for symptom monitoring, quarantining, or illness. Nurse Collier will work with you to discuss when your student can return to campus.


If you have any questions related to these updates, please contact your child’s principal. We are here to partner with families to best serve their students.