2017 Summer Reading Announced

Summer Reading is an important part of the FPD curriculum. We expect all FPD students to develop the ability to learn from written text as well as find written genres they enjoy. Our reading program will help equip the student to develop cognitively, communicate with and about God, care for and appropriately use the resources around us, and act redemptively in our world. To this end we encourage our students to read and to discuss the texts that are read.

2017 Elementary Summer Reading List

2017 Middle School & High School Summer Reading List

Specific Grade Assignments

Every High School English class has a subject/grade specific book that the student read in addition to the AR book and the Common Read detailed in the Middle School & High School Summer Reading List linked above. The instructions below are for the subject/grade specific book.

9th Grade Assignments

10th Grade College Prep English

10th Grade Honors Assignments

11th Grade College Prep English

11th Grade AP Assignments

12th Grade Assignments