FPD announced Coach Lisa Spear as the 2017 Teacher of the Year. The Teacher of the Year award is given in memory of Mr. William Harris Bragg.

To be eligible, a teacher must have taught at FPD for at least three years and be nominated by his/her teaching peers, student leaders or a member of the Board of Trustees. Steve and Ginger Bragg wanted to remember their dad in a way that encourages FPD’s teachers for commitment to strive to honor Christ in their profession and for their investment in making a difference in students’ lives.

The criteria for selection include: Christian Character, Professional Excellence, Concern for Students and Commitment to our school.

Here are some of the reasons Coach Spear’s peers and students gave for why she should be the 2017 Teacher of the Year.

  • She goes above and beyond in every task. She connects with middle schoolers. She is a master teacher, balancing challenge and support and always encourages us to think about things and people in ways that honor Christ.
  • One student said … She is a lot of students’ and my favorite teacher.
  • A parent wrote – She is passionate about helping kids to grow and develop to the best of their abilities and models godly character and spiritual maturity in all she does.
  • She works behind the scenes in ways that allow others to realize success.
  • She supports her colleagues – if she’s needed, she’s there.
  • She loves each of her players as if they were her own – she pushes us to be all in, picks us up when we’re down, and loves us enough to graciously bring us down when we need grounding.
  • She’s invested her life to ‘educating and equipping’ her students for God’s glory in the classroom, around campus and on the athletic fields.

FPD is very honored to award the 2017 Teacher of the Year award to Lisa Spear.