Dear FPD Families and Friends,

I trust everyone is as excited as we are to say good-bye to the icy weather. We are also pleased to report that through our 1 to 1 technology some of our classes were able to continue lessons the past two days despite being away from the classroom. The inclement weather days provided a great opportunity for our teachers to use alternative means to educate students remotely. Regardless of the conditions, we want our students to receive the best education and preparation. During times like these when we have to be flexible, it is reassuring to know that instruction and learning can still continue through our 1 to 1 technology.

As we return to school on Friday, please be assured that we are not currently in a position to require make up days for the days missed. Our calendar has enough built in days to still exceed the minimum required by both the state and our accrediting agency, SAIS-AdvancED.

We continue to pray for our friends and families who may be without power or experienced difficulty during the storm. May God provide you with peace and guidance as you recover. Please let us know if there is anything your school family can do for you.


Because He is faithful,

Gregg Thompson