Academic Performance

College Acceptances

FPD Students are accepted into some of our nation’s top colleges and universities including Princeton, Duke, MIT, Emory, Georgia Tech, University of North Carolina, University of Georgia, and Wake Forest among hundreds of others. Most importantly, our experienced College Counseling Department, works with each student to find a college that meets his or her wants and needs.


College Admissions Testing – SAT and ACT

All FPD students take the PLAN and PSAT in ninth grade to prepare for the ACT and SAT, respectively. The PSAT is also given in the eleventh grade as the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test.

Each year over 30% of FPD’s seniors score above 600 on each of the three subtests of the SAT as compared to about 20% of college-intending students nationally. Nearly 80% of FPD seniors score above the national average on each of the three subtests of the SAT.

FPD has had 135 students receive recognition from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation: 40 semi-finalists, 36 finalists, and 95 commended. In the past 10 years, FPD has had 10 Commended Scholars and 8 Finalists.

College Board Advanced Placement Program

The College Board Advanced Placement Program offers students the opportunity to begin college-level studies while still in high school. FPD offers 20 AP courses authorized by the College Board. Seventy percent of our students take these classes and the average junior or senior AP student taking 2 courses a year.

Standardized Achievement Testing

Students in grades 1-8 take the Comprehensive Testing Program IV (CTP IV) each spring. This test battery is used to monitor student progress, measure performance against nationally recognized college-preparatory standards, and compare our program to public and private school college-preparatory programs nationally. Our students consistently perform among the top 10% of schools nationwide in reading and mathematics based on US Department of Education data.

Students in grades 1-8 perform among the top 10% of schools nationally on standardized achievement tests

Duke University Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP)

Seventh grade students who have scored above the 95th percentile on selected standardized achievement test subtests qualify for the Duke TIP program. Duke University recognizes academically talented students in a 16 state region and invites them to take the SAT as seventh graders. These seventh grade students who score above the national average for high school seniors receive State Recognition and those scoring among the top 10% of high school seniors nationally receive Grand Recognition.