Choosing a school home for your child is a big decision. Below are a few reasons why FPD is unique in its approach to educating and equipping students. We see each child as a unique gift to our school and would love to speak with you more about the opportunities for your child.

Encouraging Lifelong Learning

We prepare students with the knowledge, skills, and habits of mind to succeed. Our faculty find unique ways to bring studies to life so students gain a passion for learning and a desire to be lifelong learners.

How does FPD stack up academically?

Our unwavering commitment to exemplary academics goes hand-in-hand with building a strong foundation of faith within the hearts and minds of our students. AP exam passing rates, SAT scores, and ACT scores of FPD students surpass state and national averages, and FPD is Macon’s only three-time recipient of the National Blue Ribbon for Exemplary Performance. Our alumni are not only accepted to some of our nation’s top colleges and universities, they are well-prepared to excel in their studies and future careers.

These skill sets go hand-in-hand with our commitment to ensure our students and graduates have the tools to think critically, problem solve, and serve others as Christen leaders.

See our Profile of a Graduate for more information.

Making a Difference

At FPD, our most common perspective on teaching from a biblical world and life view is the “biblical story” framework of Creation-Fall-Grace-Glory. This framework follows the Gospel – humanity was created in fellowship with God, we were separated from God through sin in the fall, God provided a solution by grace through Jesus Christ, and then we have an eternal relationship with God in glory.

As a general educational framework, this leads us to look at any situation by asking four questions: 1. How should it be? (Creation) 2. What is wrong? (Fall) 3. How do we fix it? (Grace) 4. What is the vision for the future? (Glory).

We don’t just memorize facts to score well on a test. Instead, we discuss actual problems and discover new opportunities. This gives focus to real situations, conceptual understanding, and problem solving. (Read more)

Furthermore, our Community Service program goes beyond volunteerism. We give students the opportunity to see issues face-to-face and explore ways they can have an impact. We offer multiple opportunities to explore areas within our school, community, nation, and world through which students can share Christ’s love and make an impact for His glory.

Finding Community

FPD offers numerous athletic, academic, and artistic opportunities for students starting in elementary. These provide opportunities for students in all grades to find peers with similar interests and develop strong friendships.

Likewise, parents are not alone in their journey to raise their child. We join together as partners, providing helpful guidance and answering questions about a child’s progress and development.

Finding the Best Direction

In a recent presentation, David Coleman, CEO of the College Board, gave what he sees at the 6 Essential Values for Flourishing College Students. Relationship with Mentors was one of those. Our teachers and coaches serve as Christian mentors who provide advice along the way. Likewise, we offer opportunities for upperclassmen to mentor younger peers through student mentor groups and student-led chapels.

Read more of Coleman’s 6 Essential Values of Flourishing College Students


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