Academic Core Values

Our educational program is carefully designed to prepare students for the challenge of a strong university education and embrace a biblical view of the world, integrating that view into every area of life.

Children are created in the image of God with unique personalities and gifts.

  • Our students are treated with dignity in all situations as rational and purposeful agents.
  • We understand that the best learning combines direct instruction with active learning by doing.
  • We employ varied instructional techniques to address students’ unique interests, gifts, callings, needs, and learning styles.
  • We provide a range of opportunities for students to develop their gifts and interests through the arts, a variety of academic endeavors, athletics, and service both in the regular school day, through off campus experiences, and extra-curricular activities.

Children are created with God-given responsibilities in this world.

  • We emphasize conceptual understanding and the applications and implications of knowledge.
  • We stress that students have not truly learned until they have committed to and acted on the truth.
  • We regularly involve students in service and mission to our community and world.
  • We expect students to understand current community and world issues and apply their knowledge and abilities to addressing these issues from a biblical perspective.

Children are dependent and in need of discipline and restoration.

  • We desire that all students come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
  • We understand that children need discipline, instruction, and loving support restoring them through Jesus Christ to the dignity of an image-bearer of God.
  • Our faculty understands that the teacher is very important for development and takes seriously the decisions made in leading students to truth, commitment, and action.
  • Our discipline system stresses the redemptive activity of Christ as well as the student’s responsibility.
  • We emphasize restoration by providing support services and policies for students who are at risk spiritually, socially, and academically.

All truth is God’s truth and God’s truth is best represented in an integrated curriculum founded in the traditional liberal arts and responsive to the needs of society and the individual.

  • The different disciplines reflect different ways of thinking about and dealing with the world around us.
  • It is important that, while students have different interests and abilities, they receive a strong foundation in each area of the traditional liberal arts.
  • The curriculum, however, is more than the sum of its parts. Thus, we strongly emphasize integrated curriculum, including significant reading and writing requirements across the curriculum.
  • As society changes, the curriculum must also be progressive to meet new needs that arise.