Foundation Ideals

Reformation Ideals

The Reformers were concerned that people be able to read the Scripture themselves and then teach others. They also promoted a broad education including the Liberal Arts, history, languages, the arts, and a trade that would in turn create competent citizens who would impact society and culture. We honor these ideals by providing a comprehensive curriculum and extra-curricular program. We expect all students to

  • have a strong knowledge of Scripture,
  • to be able to reason from and be informed by history,
  • use mathematical and scientific modes of thinking,
  • express themselves well and analyze others’ expression (both classical and contemporary),
  • appreciate the arts
  • live a healthy lifestyle, and
  • understand and participate redemptively in society.

College – Preparatory Education

We assume our students are preparing for a four-year college experience. Many will pursue selective colleges and universities both in and out of state. Others will attend regional universities of the Georgia system. Our minimum curriculum expectations reflect the admissions advice of selective state universities like the University of Georgia. Beyond these minimal standards, students have the opportunity through honors and Advanced Placement courses to meet the expectations of any university in the country. Current college expectations that inform our curricular decisions include

  • the importance of strong written expression and reading comprehension,
  • the fact that more fields require more mathematics and science,
  • the assumption of technological proficiency, and
  • the expectation that students make significant commitment to activities outside of –the classroom including service to the community.