Over the next few weeks we are going to spotlight several Class of 2018 graduates who are finishing up their first year at college. We wanted to see how they are doing and how they consider their days at FPD. 

Tucker Bryant

Tucker started at FPD in eighth grade and is now at the University of Georgia majoring in pre-dental biology.

How do you feel FPD prepared you academically for college?

The most important thing I took away from FPD is the note taking and writing skills that I acquired. In college, the burden of learning falls heavily on the student so good note taking is crucial. Almost every class requires some level of writing so having a strong grasp of the basics of writing is very important.

How do you feel FPD prepared you spiritually to be off “on your own”?

The Christian environment is very different in college.  FPD gave me a great foundation of faith to carry to college. I would recommend students become very involved in a church or college ministry. Don’t just show up to the service; get involved!

Are there skills or abilities that you now use that you gained during high school?

The college prep skills that I learned during my time at FPD are definitely still helpful.  The work that you do all has a purpose; try to improve your skills, don’t just slip by.

Any suggestions for the Class of ’19 as they head off to school?

Take advantage of the the time that you have now.  Do the things that you won’t be able to do in college.  Get involved, play sports, build relationships with your teachers, enjoy knowing everyone in your class.  Teachers at FPD really care; take advantage of that while you have it.

Any plans for next year or future goals in progress?

I am in the process of becoming an intern at my college church, and I plan on getting some medical shadowing experience this summer.