Leading up to FPD’s Homecoming, we are featuring a few alumni who own local dining establishments. These would be great places to visit while in town. Our second of the series features Adam Michie (’00), owner of Gateway Cafe and a sergeant with the Macon Bibb County Fire Department where he has served for the past 15 years.

Tell us a little about Gateway Cafe.

We opened February 2017. I started with just myself and a couple family members. Now it is just me and 3 other employees. My wife and oldest daughter Carolina sometimes help when they aren’t in school. We serve soups, sandwiches, salads, and baked potatoes. 

What inspired you to open Gateway?

I grew up helping my mom cook for parties and always wanted to have my own restaurant. I have also regularly cooked for some of the biggest food critics on the fire department for the past 15 years. 

Why did you select a Downtown location? 

I had an opportunity to buy out the restaurant downtown inside of the Gateway Plaza. I really liked the amount of potential customers already inside of that building, plus there are many other customers within walking distance.

What do you think about the growth Downtown is currently experiencing?

The current growth in downtown is great. My business has been picking up, and from what I hear from other businesses, they are also doing great. 

What do you love most about what you do?

I love my regular customers. They walk in and just say, “I want my usual.” They want to know how my kids are doing. I have a lot of these regulars, and I have enjoyed getting to know them.

Your favorite thing on the menu? 

My favorite thing is our Chicken Philly with our potato salad or pasta salad.

Most requested item on the menu?

Our most popular item is by far our chicken salad. We serve it on sandwiches, wraps, on a salad, or just a scoop. 

Any future plans for Gateway?

I am not sure what the future holds but my goal is to keep it going in the right direction and just see what happens. Our catering is really picking up, and I would like to see even more catering for lawyers offices and doctors offices. 

What FPD teachers or coaches stand out as having an impact on your life and how?

Coach Cater Pierce was a coach I really learned a lot from. I think he played significant role in developing my leadership skills and my attitude of not being willing to give up. 

Mrs. Suzanne Fuchs always seemed to think highly of me, and when I was hurt in the fire in 2015, she had her class make a banner for me. They hung it at my fire station for when I came back to work. That made a big impact on me that after all those years one of my teachers would do that. 

Any fun memories from your days at The Day School?

Most of the memories that were fun are related to my friendships that developed playing football and baseball for FPD.