Alumni Spotlight: Bryce Little ’15

Bryce Little (far right) with friends on a mission trip in Jamaica.

Bryce Little went on his first mission trip when he was 15 years old with First Presbyterian Church in Macon. He acknowledges that, at the time, he did not fully grasp what a mission trip actually was, but he had so much fun serving alongside his friends that he wanted to do it again. He continued to take the same mission trip every year throughout high school, and that was the beginning of a mission-filled journey.

After graduation from FPD, Bryce headed to the University of Georgia. He quickly engaged with the school’s Wesley Foundation and served in the community, as well as on a mission trip to Jamaica.

Mission to an Undisclosed Location in Asia

Bryce decided to take his mission work a step further and contacted a group for a more long-term opportunity. The group arranged for Bryce to take a challenging, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to an undisclosed country in Asia.

“This past summer, I spent three months in Asia. My location was, and still is, undisclosed because the country I was in is a closed country, unopen, and unreceptive to the Gospel,” notes Bryce. “I got to immerse myself in the culture, experience the day in and day out life of being a long-term missionary, and see the ways God is moving on the other side of the world, even among an unreached people group.”

While Bryce recognizes every mission trip as an amazing opportunity, this trip to Asia is one he will never forget. “There are not enough words to fully articulate how incredible it was,” he reflects. “Having the chance to live life amongst a different people group while experiencing so many unforgettable foods, sights, smells, and cultural differences was truly remarkable. Sometimes, I look back and think it was all a dream.”


This trip continued to fuel Bryce’s interest in missions, and he has already registered for another trip, this time to Mozambique. He will be co-leading a team of eight people who will partner with full-time missionaries currently living in Mozambique to assist in their work.

“They work with numerous young boys who have either been kicked out or have run away from their homes,” says Bryce. “These boys are living in very dangerous environments on the streets. As the missionaries disciple both families and the boys, they hope to one day either reunite the boys to their families or find loving families that will take them.”

Future Ventures

Bryce hopes to continue his missionary journey. He has seen God work in his life and in the lives of so many others. He recognizes how blessed he is to live in a country with access to so many resources.

“It breaks my heart to know there are people in this world who have never had the chance to hear the good news of Jesus,” notes Bryce. “I would truly love to visit every country, but I realize that is not plausible. I currently am unaware where the Lord will lead me. I try to make it less about ‘where’ and just focus on surrendering to Jesus in the here and now while living faithfully where I am today. If He leads, I will follow.”

When asked how FPD friends and fellow alumni could assist, Bryce simply requests prayers. “Prayer is so powerful, and God really does move through our prayers. Pray that God would use me in whatever way He sees fit for His maximum glory, whether at home or abroad.”