Mission work has been a big part of Katie Scott’s life since she was fifteen years old. In particular, she connected with Casa Hogar. “Our youth group visited Casa Hogar for a week every summer since 2005. I spent all of middle school waiting to be old enough to go to Casa Hogar,” remembers Katie. Most recently, Katie live at Casa Hogar as part of their full-time staff from 2016 – 2017 and again in 2018 – 2020.

Due to COVID-19 precautions, missionary workers at Casa Hogar, including Katie and fellow FPD alum Mary Madison Foshee, were required to return to the United States. Undeterred, Katie found a way to continue ministering to the students through video calls and letters.

We wanted to touch base with Katie to learn more about her work at Casa Hogar and her love for sharing God’s Word.

How many years have you served at Casa Hogar?

I have been involved with the ministry of Casa Hogar for 12 years now, but I have lived full time in Mexico for 3 years. Throughout high school and college, I mostly served for one week on a missions team helping Casa Hogar with whatever they needed when our teams would visit. In summer of 2012, I was a two-month summer intern. I then lived at the children’s home in 2016-2017 and 2018 until now.
Living at the children’s home, I helped in many different roles. My main role is serving as the U.S. relations coordinator and fundraiser, helping connect American groups to the children and leaders of Casa Hogar. In fact in the fall of 2018, I helped start a U.S. based nonprofit organization called Jars of Clay Ministries in order to further promote the mission and ministry of Casa Hogar in the United States.

What do you enjoy most about your work at Casa Hogar?

My favorite part of my job is the relationships and friendships I am able to build on the Mexican and American side. I have grown up with some of the children at Casa Hogar, which has been a huge privilege for me. Friendships I formed have lasted 12 years, living in two different countries. I have also been able to watch some of the younger kids grow from elementary school to college. Being a part of these kids’ lives, has been an incredible gift from God.
I also love sharing Casa Hogar with other Americans. One of my favorite things is to see someone visit Casa Hogar for the first time. They fall in love with the family of Casa Hogar and come back year after year.

What has been most inspiring for you?

I am most inspired by the kids at Casa Hogar, and how God uses Casa Hogar to completely change their lives.
One of my dear friends at Casa Hogar grew up in a tiny pueblo (village) in the mountains of Guerrero. She arrived at Casa Hogar when she was 8 years old due to extreme poverty and difficult family circumstances. Recently, someone asked her what her life would look like without Casa Hogar. She responded that she would be pregnant at age 13 or 14 (as is tradition in small villages), had 3 or 4 kids by age 18, and been a single mother. Since she was brought to Casa Hogar, she is 22, about to graduate with her Biochemical Engineering degree, and hopes to get her Master’s degree like her older brother. God is working in so many incredible ways like this at Casa Hogar.

How have you been able to continue serving Casa Hogar at a distance?

I am very thankful for technology during this time. Using FaceTime, I am able to lead the girls in a devotion time. I am able to talk to girls individually to see how they are doing and hear about their lives in quarantine. I am also in contact with the staff of Casa Hogar almost daily in order to see how Jars of Clay Ministries can continue to serve and love Casa Hogar even from a distance.


Thoughts on going back or what you might like to do next?

I hope to go back as soon as the border opens back up! My future plans are to work for an international nonprofit whenever the Lord might call me to a new position. Casa Hogar will always be home. It will always be a part of my life even if I am working in the United States.


Any words of encouragements for FPD students and other alumni who may be considering missions?

I encourage anyone who has the opportunity to live outside of the United States to go! I have learned so many wonderful things in my 3 years living abroad. If you do not have the opportunity to live overseas, go on short-term missions! Find a ministry to be a part of and serve faithfully. You will be surprised by the amazing things God will teach you if you are willing to go.