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Nancy Butler
High School Art Instructor

nancy butler-websiteThe high school FPD art program is designed to help students reach their full creative and technical potential using a wide variety of media for self-expression.

Art I – In this beginner class, students learn basic drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture techniques, as well as different approaches for mark making and three dimensional design processes.

Art II & III – In the more advanced classes, students focus on development of technical drawing skills, color theory and spacial engagement. Students also begin to find their own personal voices and development of styles. Art history is also included at every level.

A.P. Art – Advanced Placement Art is available to the more serious art students.

A.P. art students can earn college credit passing the A.P. exam, which is portfolio based. Students submit a cohesive body of work in the spring to the College Board for grading.  This portfolio must demonstrate a specific conceptual and technical idea.

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Ceramics –  Ceramic students learn the four basic methods of construction – pinch, coil, slab and sculpting.  They then take this knowledge to create both functional and sculptural works of art.

Photography – Photography students work with light and dark to make images using their own handmade, pinhole camera.  Students learn various studio and darkroom techniques, digital camera photography, and beginner Photoshop.


Stephanie Garrison
Middle School Art Instructor

stephanie garrison-website

In each of the four (6th, Middle school Art I, II and III) grade levels of instruction, we explore and develop artistic skills and techniques to further develop the creative process.  We explore this through art production, art criticism, art history and art appreciation. 

Through the study of art and artist of different cultures and historical periods, students gain significant understanding of themselves and others.  Therefore, students who take a visual art class are more well defined of who they are, where they are going and what changes they can contribute in a changing society.  The art program explores this through painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, and sculpture.  God has given us all special talents, it is my job to explore these talents and use them for God’s glory. 


Jaime Simmons
Lower School Art Instructor

 jaime simmons-websiteMove over crafty creations! In the FPD elementary art program, students learn to use a variety of mediums and explore famous works of art and artists in order to gain a better understanding of the process of making and creating art.  Children learn that God is first and foremost the greatest artist.  We are made in His image and are born with the desire to create.

Children explore their inner creativity while taking on exciting and challenging art projects that are all sent home at the end of each school year. This portfolio of work is a treasure for not only the students but for the parents as well!

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