Each year, FPD faculty and staff present awards to students at End of the Year assemblies. Since we were unable to host these awards in person, we asked our faculty to present these awards virtually. Below are this year’s recipients of several prestigious honors.

Senior Awards

Best Citizen


This award is presented to two students, one boy and one girl, who best exemplify high standards in leadership, scholarship, integrity, and loyalty.  Voted on by high school and middle school faculty.

Female Winner: Caroline Neisler – presented by Mrs. Katie Kemper

Male Winner: Harrison Bonfim – presented by Mr. Shane Hall

Senior Class President

Serving as the Senior Class President is quite an honor. It is a challenging role that comes with great responsibility. The Class of 2020’s President, Miss Mary Grace Yarbrough, definitely rose to the occasion.

Mary Grace Yarbrough – presented by Mr. Matt Kitchell

Honor Council Moderator

The Honor Council is comprised of student representatives in ninth through twelfth grade, each of whom must serve with wisdom and discretion. As the leader of this group, the Honor Council Moderator holds great responsibility and must be an upstanding, responsible student who can be a trusted leader.

Harrison Bonfim – presented by Mr. Bob Veazey

Athlete of the Year


The Athlete of the Year is presented to one male and one female student each year. The recognition is given to student-athletes who excel in the classroom as well as their sport. They must exemplify godly character, perseverance, leadership, and determination.

Female Athlete of the Year: Anna Lako – presented by Mr. Greg Moore

Male Athlete of the Year: Harrison Aulds – presented by Mr. Greg Moore

Most Community Service Hours

Community Service is part of the FPD educational experience. Students are encouraged to use their talents to serve others and share God’s love. Each year, Mrs. Holly Scott recognizes the senior with the most community service hours.

Merit Huggins – presented by Holly Scott

9th – 11th Grade Honors

Judy Jones Memorial Scholarship

Bowen Kramer – Presented by Mr. Brad Thompson

About the Judy Jones Memorial Scholarship

Judy Jones was both a creative and free spirit who loved everybody, loved life, loved to laugh, but loved her Lord most of all. She had a sincere interest and sensitivity towards helping others succeed. Both of Judy’s children, Stephen and Christy, have been a part of our FPD family. Judy felt FPD gave her children a good education within a solid Biblical world and life view.

Her family and friends are proud to know that Judy’s memory will live on at this institution.  We pray that each student who strives to attain this scholarship will have the sincere desire to succeed in all areas of his or her life.

The Charles H. Jones Family Foundation gives the Judy Jones Memorial Scholarship in memory of Judy Jones.  This merit-based scholarship will be awarded to a current high school student and to a current middle school student for demonstrated excellence in service, leadership, character and academic scholarship. This scholarship will apply toward FPD tuition for the next academic year.

McKay Family Scholarship

Marsh Massey – presented by Mr. Rennie Atkinson

About the McKay Family Scholarship

Mr. Albert W. McKay was a member of the first Board of Trustees of First Presbyterian Day School.  He worked very hard during the planning stages of the school and during the early years of the school, and played a large part in any success that the school has enjoyed.  His loving wife, Martha G. McKay, fully supported Mr. McKay’s efforts and, together, they loved First Presbyterian Day School very much.

Mr. and Mrs. McKay are no longer living, but their children, Mrs. Martha Eubanks, Mrs. Russell Glasheen, and Mr. Albert W. McKay, Jr., have established a scholarship fund, which continues to grow through donations.  The income from this fund will provide an award in the form of tuition reduction for the upcoming school year for a member of our present ninth grade class. This is a meaningful memorial to the memory of Albert W. and Martha G. McKay.

Recipients shall be well-rounded, shall exhibit high moral character, and shall have fulfilled their academic potential, based on effort rather than necessarily high academic achievement. Recipients are selected by a committee of faculty and staff.

Andy Bridges Memorial Scholarship

Megan Williams – presented by Mrs. Nancy Butler

About the Andy Bridges Memorial Scholarship

Andy Bridges was a member of the Class of 1990 at First Presbyterian Day School.  His untimely and unexpected death on April 19, 1989, was a great shock to all who knew him.  Andy was one of our finest young men and we are very happy and grateful that a scholarship award in his memory has been set up to be given to a member of the Junior Class for his or her Senior year.

The award is to go to a student who shows strong academic achievement and ability, and demonstrates superior leadership characteristics.  The award will be applied toward the student’s tuition at First Presbyterian Day School for the senior year.  A committee of the faculty and staff makes the selection.

Girardeau Family Scholarship

Andrew Correa – presented by Mr. Greg Moore

About the Girardeau Family Scholarship

Dr. Jim Girardeau was a great supporter of our school.  Three of his children attended and graduated from First Presbyterian Day School.  He exhibited true humility and realized his need for the grace and mercy that comes from God.  His personal qualities of patience and perseverance enhanced his ability to achieve and accomplish goals above and beyond the minimum expectation. Dr. Girardeau, his wife, Leslie, and their children have always been active contributors to the academic, athletic, and development programs of our school.  His family, as a memorial for him, gives this scholarship.

The award goes to a rising senior student-athlete who has the capacity to lead others, demonstrates scholastic ability, has strong extracurricular activities, and has a moral force of character and physical vigor shown by participation in sports or in other ways.

Ponder Family Scholarship

Reagan Simmons – presented by Eden Newman

The Ponder Family Scholarship was established in 2006 in honor of Buddy and Saynor Ponder.  Their children, Bert Ponder ’79, Eleanor Ponder Palmer ’81, Saynor Ponder Foshee ’86, and Bill Ponder ’91 wanted to honor Buddy’s and Saynor’s long term commitment and dedication to the school.  The recipient will be a student in grades nine through eleven. Recipients should demonstrate Christian Character, strive for high academic grades, be a leader among peers, demonstrate that they are a team player, and participate in activities at FPD, at their church and in their community.


*Additional awards and recognitions will be presented at the start of the 2020-2021 academic year.