Explore Outside

FPD's large, 240-acre campus provides ample opportunities for students to explore the outdoors - to touch, see, and hear what they learn in the classroom. Elementary students enjoy educational gardens, nature walks, and outdoor play. In middle and high school, students explore FPD's 100-acre conservation easement as part of their science curriculum.

Don't Just See. Observe!

FPD’s early childhood outdoor science curriculum is based on the idea that science is not simply a set of content objectives to memorize. It is a process in which students can be engaged. Early science includes –

Observing and talking about what you see

Asking questions about what you observe

Noticing properties and describing them

Noticing patterns, cause-effect, and change

Crafting reasonable explanations using evidence

Conducting simple investigations

Research shows that participation in interactive experiences are strong predictors of later science achievement. All of this background confirms our emphasis at FPD on active hands-on science with our youngest students and demonstrates the value of our campus resources and facilities.