December 18 Update: Decision deferred until late 2020 for the 2021-2022 school year.

In an effort to continue to provide your child with the very best school lunch offering in middle Georgia, we are considering a change to FPD’s dining program and dining vendor and value your input. After a review of sustainability, visits to other schools, and several meetings with vendors, we are considering implementing one of two dining options for 2020-21.

From a sustainability standpoint, our current 3-day/5-day/No-day model is no longer feasible. Our current model has been phased out at many schools across the country for similar reasons. A change is required in order to provide a high-quality lunch that is so important for child learning and development.

This is an important decision impacting the culture of the school and every student. We value your input!

After reading about each, please vote for your selection using the survey linked at the bottom by Sunday, December 15.

All-Inclusive (fixed annual fee for each student)

An unlimited seconds lunch is provided for every child enrolled in FPD. Each student receives a high-end experience with a broad choice of healthy options. Having visited a number of schools using this model, this is a great value for families.

With input from parents and students, FPD can make menu modifications to include parent or student requested items. To help with choices, options are simplified for lower grades, but still provide a variety of healthy selections. Choices increase in upper grades.


  • Unlimited seconds at no additional cost.
  • Broader variety of food in a food court format that is replenished with fresh items each lunch period. (Examples: Grill Station, Deli Sandwich Station, Salad Station, Smoothie Bar, etc.) Options are simplified for lower grades.
  • One flat monthly rate billed with tuition.
  • Updated dining hall experience. Similar to college food court.
  • Fewer lines and less congestion.
  • Parents eat with their children for free.


  • Participation for all students enrolled. Opting out is limited to students with severe food allergies.

Cost: $4 – $5 per school day, depending on grade level, billed through a fixed monthly fee. For students currently enrolled in FPD’s current 5-day dining plan, the fee is lower than the amount you are paying. For those on the 3-day plan, the price is close to the same. For most students who bring a homemade lunch, the fee approximates the amount currently spent on groceries.  

A-La-Carte Option (retail environment; students are charged for what he/she selects)

Parents pay for what each child purchases via a prepaid account. Food is made fresh and on site. Students have choices for a hot lunch and can also choose from among several grab-and-go sandwiches and salads to serve as lunch or to supplement a homemade lunch.


  • Pay only for food purchased each day.
  • Parents can limit the amount of money students are allowed to spend.
  • Parents can make a daily decision to participate in the FPD lunch or send a homemade lunch.


  • More expensive than All-Inclusive plan for most students.
  • Costs can vary daily, depending on the amount of food the student selects.
  • Limited food selections; pre-packaged, grab-and-go options.
  • Potentially more congestion due to two lines – one for food selection and one for payment.

Cost: $5 – $10 per school day for typical meal (entree, side, and beverage) –  Can be higher or lower depending on meal choices or seconds.

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