FPD launched Reading Boost in 2018 with the goal of supporting students who need extra help to develop strong reading skills. Since then, the program has been a blessing to numerous families in all grades. It is particularly helpful in FPD’s lower grades when foundational skills are developing.

Instead of looking for tutors or after-school programs, families with students who have reading deficits are able to get the support they need during school hours on FPD’s campus. Reading Boost is based on the Orton-Gillingham method, a multi-sensory approach that enables learners to capitalize on their strengths while remediating deficits. The method was originally developed for students with dyslexic tendencies but has been shown to help students with an array of related reading challenges.

Expanding FPD’s Reading Boost

In 2020, FPD is excited to expand the program to include additional small group sessions for students in FPD’s lower school. To accommodate more students, FPD hired Mrs. Cindy Patterson to partner with current Lower School Instructional Support Teacher Mrs. Cathy Knight. Mrs. Patterson, wife of FPD Head of School, Dr. John Patterson, has 16 years of lower school teaching experience and is certified in the Orton-Gillingham method. She holds teaching certifications in Virginia, Georgia, and with ACSI.

Together, Mrs. Knight and Mrs. Patterson are able to help over one dozen students in FPD’s Lower School overcome challenges and gain confidence in their abilities.

“Reading Boost continues to be a wonderful addition for our FPD families,” said Mrs. Knight. “We see the success stories of many students who have benefitted from having the program at school. With Mrs. Patterson as part of our team, we can now assist more students and families.”

“I am excited to join Mrs. Knight and TEAM FPD,” said Mrs. Patterson. “Undoubtedly, FPD is dear to my heart and to be working in the classroom with these wonderful students is a blessing. Reading Boost is an amazing FPD program. It is my honor to partner with Cathy Knight to support these families.”