As part of FPD’s continuous improvement plan for the upcoming school year, TEAM FPD has formed several task force committees to prepare a COVID-19 safety plan.

“Our number one goal and hope is to be back on campus this fall to educate and equip our students,” said incoming Head of School, Dr. John Patterson. “However, we understand and are anticipating that our return may look different than it did last year. We are exploring all options such that we are prepared to provide the same top-level experience for Viking Nation in the midst of COVID-19 guidelines and precautions.  Ultimately, we understand that God is control, and we trust Him to lead our vision.”

The four Task Force Committees include:

  • Safety, Health, and Wellness – Review of safety procedures Identify and implement safety-focused protocols with an aim toward preventing the spread of COVID-19 through the promotion of student, employee and guest behavior; the maintenance of a safe and healthy environment;  the pursuit of safety-oriented school operations; including an operational plan in the event of a positive COVID-19 result within the Viking Nation family.
  • Learning and Educational Models – Prepare for various teaching and classroom scenarios. This includes a hybrid schedule and enhancement to our Distance Learning Plan in the case that COVID-19 causes additional interruptions to our learning environment. This task force will also explore options to provide flexibility for school families who have different health needs related to COVID-19.
  • Communication & Community Care – Plan for ways to maintain community and connection in the midst of potential social distancing guidelines. This committee will also discuss a communication timeline.
  • Student Life & Value-Added Programs – Review of all programs related to afterschool activities and how those may be impacted by COVID-19 precautions. This Task Force will also review FPD’s dining program, community service program, student activities, and other elements that enhance the student experience.

“We recognize guidelines for school opening may change and evolve over the course of the next two months,” said Dr. Patterson. “By forming these Task Force Committees, FPD is in a strong position to pivot quickly while maintaining our unequivocal focus on meeting the spiritual, academic, emotional, and physical needs of Viking Nation.”

Next Steps:

An internal discussion and review of the Task Force Committees’ progress will take place in early June. Task Force Committees will then refine plans while continuing to monitor safety guidelines and recommendations for schools.

TEAM FPD will update parents as plans progress. Parents can provide input throughout the process using the form below. A survey will be sent at a later date. A report on the Task Force Committees’ progress is tentatively scheduled for early July.

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