FPD is excited to introduce a Strings Program for kindergartners starting the fall of 2020. FPD Elementary Music Teacher, Brayden Hutcheson, will lead the initiative as part of FPD’s elementary music curriculum.

“We are so excited to introduce a strings program,” said Lower School Principal, Mrs. Wade Putnal. “This first year will be a pilot program that we plan to expand to other grades in the years to come.”

Using the highly-proclaimed Suzuki method, FPD’s kindergartners will learn the basics of playing the violin using small 1/4 violins that are built to fit the length of a child’s arm.

“While it seems that kindergarten is a very young age to learn to play an instrument, especially a string instrument, learning to play and read music is exactly like learning another language. If they can learn to read music at the same time they are learning to read, write, and speak English, this gives them a huge advantage,” said Hutcheson.

In FPD’s elementary music program all kids learn to enjoy and experience music. They develop their sense of curiosity and excitement as they sing, play, and dance in music class. With the strings class, they will now have the opportunity to translate all of this into playing a string instrument. On top of learning to play violin, they learn to play in an ensemble, take care of an instrument, read music, develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and work as a group.

“A lot of kids take piano, guitar, or drum lessons,” notes Hutcheson. “This will be another opportunity kids at FPD have to find something that excites them, which can turn into a life-long passion and career!”