Several FPD Middle School students took home top awards in the Regional Science Fair on Friday, February 3, including two students who took home Best in Show! Eighth graders Isabelle Cusson and Ryann Perkins were awarded Best in Show out of all middle school students for their project titled “Panic! At the Science Fair, ” which examined physical versus virtual threats. Cusson and Perkins also received Best in Class for all eighth grade students, first place in the Behavioral Science category, and two special awards in psychology research and broadmasters STEM. Cusson and Perkins are now invited to compete at the State Competition.

Other award winners are:

Carson Hartley (7th grade) – 1st Place in Plant Sciences and an invitation to the State Competition for his project “Irradiated Seeds.” Hartley looked at the effect of microwave radiation on plant seeds pre-germination.

Natalie Paxton (7th grade) & Caroline Gilbert (8th grade) – 3rd Place in the Health and Medical Sciences category for their project “Gluten or Not?” Paxton and Gilbert looked at whether adolescents or adults could better tell the difference between gluten-free or regular cupcakes

Hudson Mimbs (8th grade) & Garrison Black (8th grade) – 3rd Place in the Microbiology category for their project “Does Saran Wrap Affect Cheese Mold.” Mimbs and Black looked at the molding effects on cheese when covered versus uncovered.