Letter from Dr. Patterson to FPD Middle & High School Parents

I am notifying you regarding a new initiative we are starting this year at FPD. As part of our outreach ministry and theme, we are uniting as ONE behind Freedom 4/24, a wonderful organization that fights human trafficking in Uganda. FPD will now play a role in fighting the incredible evil of human trafficking. I believe this will be a great experience for our students, and I desire for our parents to be instrumental in this conversation.

Throughout the year, we will be raising money for Freedom 4/24 through each of our “jeans days” and other student led opportunities. Students, parents, businesses, etc, may donate at any time as by clicking here.  If each student in grades 6-12 will raise $24 before December 11 or pay $3 each time we are offered the opportunity to wear jeans to school, we will meet our goal of raising $15K. This will buy the freedom, house, feed, and train 15 young ladies who have been trafficked through a safe house called Christine’s House in Gulu, Uganda. 

We are calling this campaign the “#15Kfor15” initiative. We are praying our students will take a ownership of this incredible opportunity to make a difference in our world. In our ONEness, we will make this goal happen


During our middle school and high school chapels this week, I will be introducing the students to Freedom 4/24 and the service they provide. I know human trafficking is a difficult subject. I will tailor our discussions based on the students’ grade level and handle the subject delicately. I want students to understand the basics of the issue, but will not go into details that may disturb our younger middle school students.

Chapel Schedule:

High School Boys – August 31

High School Girls – September 1

Middle School Girls and Boys – September 3


I encourage you to review Freedom 4/24’s website and the videos below. Then speak with your middle or high school student about the issue and what we can do to help.

I look forward to partnering with all of Viking Nation to support Freedom 4/24  and their mission. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at headofschool@fpdmacon.org.