FPD’s Sixth Grade Symphonic Band participated in the Large Group Performance Evaluation on March 13 and received all Superior Ratings. Superior is the highest rank at Large Group Performance Evaluations and is deemed “Worthy of distinction of being recognized as among the very best.”

The performance evaluation program sponsored by the Georgia Music Educators Association is an evaluation process for musical performance and sight-reading abilities for individual students, performing groups, and teachers.

Recognized authorities in the field of music education critique the participation of each performance evaluation performance during a planned performance evaluation schedule, and provide their written and/or oral opinions in terms of:

  • A standard rating of excellence in performance and sight-reading.
  • Comments and suggestions for improvement.
  • Suggestions to the individual teacher to aid in personal teaching and/or conducting techniques

The goals of performance evaluation participation are:

  • To promote the development of musical knowledge as expressed in performance through evaluation, advice, and suggestion
  • To raise the standards of musicianship, instrumentation, technical knowledge, and literature selection of performers; and
  • To offer students and teachers the opportunity of extended listening to the best work of peer groups from other schools.

This is the first time FPD’s sixth grade band has participated in Large Group Performance Evaluation.