Mask & Quarantine Guidelines

Updated September 30, 2021

Mask are currently optional for all students, faculty, staff, and parents starting October 1.

If case numbers in the local community begin to trend up, masks may be required again. Parents will be notified in advance.

Quarantine & Safety Guidelines


Medical Council

FPD is advised on health and safety guidelines by a team of medical professionals from the local community. We are thankful for their guidance and support.

Medical Council Members
(listed alphabetically)

Dr. Jay Anderson
Dr. Brian Cardis
Dr. Chris Cawley
Dr. Dan Chan
Mrs. Laurie Beth Cochran
Dr. Alex Correa
Mr. Michael Dykes
Mrs. Terri Harper
Dr. Eric Long
Dr. Richard Thomas
Dr. Richard Woods

Representatives from FPD:
FPD Head of School Dr. John Patterson
FPD Nurse Katie Collier
FPD Athletic Trainer Garrett Law