FPD alum Hope Hahn Shields was featured in the Spring 2016 edition of Wesleyan College’s magazine. A Wesleyan alum as well, Shields warm coat project caught the attention of the college.

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A glimpse at the article…

“During a conversation in January 2014 about Macon’s unusual freezing temperatures, Hope Hahn Shields ‘91 learned that eight students in her friend Summer Wellborn’s kindergarten lass did not have winter coats and that others did not have hats or gloves. ‘It seemed like all twenty-seven children in the class needed something warm.’ Immediately, Hope felt inspired to help. She posted on Facebook asking her friends for donations to buy cold weather gear for the children. ‘The response was fast and incredible. Facebook really lit up.’ Through the generosity of her friends, Hope purchased coats for the children who didn’t have one and hats and gloves for all seventeen boys and ten girls in Wellborn’s class….”

Hope went on to raise enough money to purchase 1300 items the following winter and is now in the process of establishing at 501(c)(3) to hopefully benefit even more children.

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