by Wade Putnal, Lower School Principal

On a recent trip to the beach, I observed a woman who was looking down at her phone while sitting by the shore. Everyone in the near area had walked down to the water’s edge to watch 10-12 dolphins flip and frolic in the surf. Her children were saying, “Mommy, mommy! Look! Look!” Over and over they called. Yet the woman never looked up from her phone as this time to share passed.

In the age of social media and technology, I wonder how many times we may miss the opportunity for glimpses to share in God’s wonderful creation and love. How many times does God give us an opportunity to see His wonder and we miss it because we are looking down instead of looking up?

Often we get small glimpses of God’s presence that we may not even notice at first glance – sunrises, sunsets, the simple ebb and flow of the ocean. Other times there are big moments like when our children learn something new about His creation or sing His praises at chapels.

I would encourage you to consider three ways to be a part of these moments that I like to call “God winks” this year:

Share Faith

Sharing the love of Christ through the way we act in our daily walk is most powerful, especially in a sea of minds eager to learn. Live out your faith with your friends, family, co-workers, and especially your children.

Offer Prayer

I Thessalonians 5:17 tells us to “pray continually.” The gift of prayer is building a relationship with God.

One of the most precious and dear times in my role is visiting classrooms and hearing the voices of young children leading their class in prayer, hearing teachers pray with parents at a conference, and watching as children in 3K through 5th grade lead chapel. What a sweet reminder of childlike faith God desires from us.

Gather Hope

Romans 5:2 reminds us to “rejoice in the hope.” The students in our hallways are gaining a solid foundation on the hope of God’s promises. As we begin this new school year, may we be encouraged by this and rejoice with one another.


Look for those glimpses of God’s presence each and every day. Take time to “look up” and see God’s creation. Share your faith, offer prayer, and gather hope as you take in these moments of God’s presence.

Mrs. Wade Putnal is principal of FPD’s lower school program, which includes grades 3K – 5th. For more information on FPD’s elementary and preschool, click here.