Administrative Staff

Gregg Thompson – Headmaster

Barry Shealy – Assistant Headmaster and Director of Curriculum

Charlie Parrish – Chief Financial Officer

Cheri Frame – Director of Enrollment & Advancement

David Bass – IT Director

Chris Childers – Facilities Director

Beth Burnsed – Communications Director

Matt Kitchell – High School Principal

Molly Pearson – Middle School Principal

Wade Putnal – Lower School Principal

Greg Moore – Athletic Director

Andrew Strickland – Fine Arts Director

Mary Bennet Rose – Administrative Assistant to Headmaster and Assistant Headmaster

Eric Latimer – Alumni Relations

Kay Sexton – Student Billing Coordinator

Terri Newberry – Human Resources Director

Cindy Martin – Accounts Payable and Concessions Director

Tammy Jones – Administrative Assistant

Stephanie Gaither – Advancement Assistant

Jordan Marshall – Visual Media Coordinator

Jason Godbee – Sports Information Director/Webmaster