Master Plan FAQ’s


Below are a selection of questions and answers regarding the First Presbyterian Day School long-range Master Plan. You may also submit a question using the form below. Click here for more details on FPD’s Master Plan.

When will the plan be put into action?
The Master Plan is a long-term outlook. During the planning process, the mindset for conversation was the next 15 or more years. It is a concept, not a planning document. We will move forward as enrollment and funding present the opportunity. At this time, no specific dates have been set.

What happens next?
The Board is working with architects and engineers to develop plans for the Chapel. Groundwork is being laid for a campaign; we are very thankful for several donors who have already made commitments. Since the founders of First Presbyterian Day School first envisioned a school in 1968, faith in the Lord has been at the heart of everything we do, every decision we make. The Chapel represents that commitment. Built at the heart of campus, it will serve as a place of reverence and biblical study for our students, families, and faculty. As currently envisioned, the campaign will also include new tennis courts, to replace those that have been damaged by weather, and corresponding parking spaces. The timing for other future development will depend on academic demands, program needs, and achievement of funding goals.

How will the development be funded?
A distinct goal of the Master Plan is to be tuition-neutral. Tuition-neutral means that tuition dollars will not cover facility development and construction. Instead, funds will come through designated Capital Campaign giving, facility rentals or other programs as reviewed by the Board. The Board has hired a firm to produce a feasibility study regarding future business relationships and partnerships in relation to the athletic field spaces planned for the south side of campus. This study was funded by a ‘friend of the school.’

Can the Master Plan change?
Needs may change over the next few years. The Master Plan is a template that can be amended by future Boards to meet those needs as concepts transition to construction documents.

How can I be involved?
If there is a component of the Master Plan in which you are particularly interested, please contact Jennifer Barfield, FPD Director of Advancement, at or 478.477.6505, extension 190.

What if I have questions about the Master Plan?
If you have questions or would like more information, please visit our website at Questions can be submitted online and will be directed to the appropriate department.

Questions Regarding the Master Plan

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