Mrs. Chelsea Latimer is named FPD’s 2018 Teacher of the Year.

The FPD Teacher of the Year Award is given in memory of Mr. William Harris Bragg. Steve and Ginger Bragg wanted to remember their dad in a way that encourages FPD’s teachers in their commitment to strive to honor Christ in their profession and their investment in making a difference in students’ lives. To be eligible, a teacher must have taught at FPD for at least three years and be nominated by his/her teaching peers, student leaders or a member of the Board of Trustees. The criteria for selection include: Christian Character, Professional Excellence, Concern for Students and Commitment to our school.

Here are some of the reasons nominators provided for this year’s recipient:

  • She spends her mornings and afternoons with numerous students in her room – talking through homework, test reviews, or many times, life and spiritual questions from middle and high school girls. Her door is always open and students know that she will hear them out and respond with grace and wisdom.
  • She loves the Lord and truly wants to share that love for Jesus with other people. Her personality is one of the kindest I’ve ever met. Her beautiful spirit illuminates so many paths for success for students in the future, and her gracious soul is a gift to all who encounter it.
  • She has a commitment to our school and cheerfully gives back in many ways. She has a passion for Literature and seeks to instill that same passion in her students. She is a godly and Christ-like example for her students to follow.
  • From a colleague: Two words come to me when thinking of this teacher. The first is “dedicated.”  I am not sure that I’ve witnessed a teacher more dedicated to the craft of teaching.  She is not complacent in her teaching style, and is consistently developing her approach by challenging conventions and trying innovative techniques.  She has proven to be a natural leader, and her peers look to her for ideas and support.  The second word is “compassionate.” She gets what it means to be a teacher at FPD.  She is not only devoted to her content, but she is devoted to her students.  She shows her compassion in the giving of her time, and the general gratitude which she expresses daily.  She loves the Lord and shows her love by giving generously to others.
  • She knows how to help students struggling with a topic and knows how to make English fun. English was already my favorite subject, but now it is my favorite class.
  • I am a senior which means I’ve had everyone as a teacher and I know firsthand that no one does their job better. She has not only allowed us to have fun and enjoy Psychology; but, she finds ways to teach her lessons in a class of almost all senior boys without just getting mad and telling everyone to be quiet. She has complete control of the class and her true intention is for us to learn and make good grades. She has made 6th period a class that everyone truly looks forward to every day.

Congratulations to Mrs. Chelsea Latimer.