What is Naviance?

Naviance is a web-based college and career readiness tool. Every high school student has a personalized account made specifically for them. We have given each student their username and showed them how to log in. Through this platform, students are able to access links and pages that will help guide them through every step of the college process. From the Colleges tab, students can research and compare colleges, search for scholarships, and add prospective schools to a running list. When they become seniors, Naviance will allow them to add colleges they are applying to and directly request transcripts and teacher recommendations to be sent. The Career tab allows users to complete interest inventories and explore possible career paths. Finally, the About Me tab allows students to set goals, take personal assessments, and access their unofficial standardized test scores. This is a powerful and beneficial program that we are excited to be able to offer to our entire high school student body!

Click HERE for the direct link to Naviance