FPD PreK students enjoyed a fun Friday by dressing up like sailors and pirates. This wasn’t just any dress-up day. This day wrapped up their study of the oceans with a day of ocean-themed fun.

Over the past week, FPD’s PreK students have learned songs and poems about the ocean, read stories about ocean animals, and played ocean-themed games in their centers.

For math, they counted and sorted seashells. They tied their results into a science lessons on which shells float and which sink.

To practice teamwork skills, our young Vikings pretended to be mates on a ship, turning their kitchen center into a ship’s galley. After spending time “in the kitchen,” they worked on matching skills by playing games of Go Fish, then ran off some energy with an obstacle course treasure hunt. 

Channeling their inner “crab claws,” the students worked on holding their crayons like a pinching crab. They practiced fine-motor skills to write the letter “X” on  treasure maps.

Underpinning all of their studies was the reminder that God made the oceans and ocean animals. The students studied Genesis’s account of creation, specifically day five.


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