About Community Service

Scott-Web-New-CROPCommunity Service at FPD is an important part of our school’s culture. Following the example of Jesus Himself, our students serve in communities at home and afar to share the love of Christ.  Our program is distinctive in that it focuses on distressed populations through mission/service trips, direct service, and indirect support of ministry agencies.

The program is student-led, student-motivated, and student-generated. We encourage students to discover their gifts and passions and to use them to serve others. They help create, plan, and implement projects throughout the school year that benefit the Macon community as well as others around the state, nation and internationally.

Please contact me with any questions or if you want additional information about the program.

Holly Scott
Community Service Director

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FPD Community Service in Action


Blog Article: How Christian Schools Can Make a Community-Wide Impact

In a recent blog article, FPD’s Assistant Headmaster, Dr. Barry Shealy looks at how FPD prepares students to serve their communities and make a difference. Through curriculum and service based on a Creation-Fall-Grace-Glory model, students learn that they can be a part of God’s work and can influence for His glory.

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