"Smida Syndicate"

FPD Robotics (a.k.a. Smida Syndicate) is a robust, award-winning team of young engineers and programmers who compete in robotics competitions across the state and nationally. Smida Syndicate comes from the Norse word for “forged from metal” (Smida) plus “Syndicate,” meaning working together.

The team meets throughout the school year, preparing for winter and spring competitions. FPD’s robotics team has placed at multiple competitions, including advancing to the World Championships in 2019 and 2020.


Award-Winning Team

The First Presbyterian Day School robotics team, Smida Syndicate, competed in the State FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge) Championship and qualified for the World Championship in Houston, Texas in 2019. The team was honored to qualify again in 2020.

In addition to qualifying for the World Championship, the FPD team won the 2nd place “Inspire Award” which includes components of community education, robotic performance and design, and the Engineering Notebook. It is akin to the “most well-rounded award” in the world of robotics.

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Serving in the Community

Using their God-given talents to serve others, FPD Robotics partners with a local community program that helps underprivileged kids, called Campus Clubs. In 2012, the team started an FLL team for them. They continue to help mentor them to grow in their natural talents and skills.

Though FPD Robotics serve as instructors to the kids, the students teach them, too. The Campus Club kids give advice on how to appeal to and reach other kids their ages that might not know about the extent of the programs.

Robotics Team Serves

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Gray Simmons '18

Robotics Team Alum

Gray Simmons begin the partnership between FPD's robotics program and Macon's Campus Clubs. After graduation, he continued his love for engineering by attending Georgia Tech. Gray often returns to Macon to continue volunteering with Campus Clubs and helping with FPD robotics program.

Robotics Team Coaches

Tami Tesch-Jerles

High School Science & Robotics Coach

Larry Carpenter

High School Math Teacher & Robotics Coach