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FPD Robotics in the Community

FPD Robotics (a.k.a. Smida Syndicate), as a team, try to honor and emulate God in all that they do. To help the community, FPD Robotics partners with a local community program that helps underprivileged kids, called Campus Clubs. In 2012, the team started an FLL team for them. They continue to help mentor them to grow in their natural talents and skills. Last summer, FPD Robotics created two summer camps to aid in jump starting our objective of STEM inspiration, not only in the children they work with year-round, but with other children in the community as well. Though FPD Robotics serve as instructors to the kids, the students teach them, too. The team and students work together fluidly. The Campus Club kids give advice on how to appeal to and reach other kids their ages that might not know about the extent of the programs.


Tami Tesch-Jerles

Tami has been teaching at FPD for 12 years and has been the coach for 11 years. She graduated from Mississippi State with a meteorology degree, from Georgia State with a physics degree, and a Master of Education in STEM from the American College of Education. She loves the outdoors, particularly running.



Larry Carpenter

Larry loves to swim, run, and bike. He adores his dog Mindy Lou. He has been FPD’s FTC coach for 4 years. He became interested in robotics when he saw the team in action. Larry graduated from Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois in 1988 with a B.S. in Manufacturing Engineering.




Carter Mitchell

Chandler Daniely

Jack Neisler

Justin Chang

Marshall Garvin

Mason Kelley

Sophie Oedel


  • 1st Place Inspire Award: Multi-League Tournament
  • 3rd Place Inspire Award: Georgia State Tournament (this award granted us a place at Worlds’ in Texas, but due to Covid-19 it was not able to occur)
  • The FLL team that we mentor at Campus Clubs won the Core Values award at their regional qualifier