FPD’s Shooting Sports team accomplished something never before seen at FPD – they claimed four back-to-back State Titles.

FPD’s team went up against 11 other teams, 178 shooters total, in their division to prove their shooting prowess once more. The top 3 shooters’ scores make up the team score and FPD won by 5 targets (out of 900). The top 3 were Dallas Ward, Tate Skipper, and Bryce Daniel.

“Our student-athletes have put in a lot of practice and it paid off,” said head coach John Mark Smith. “They put a lot of work all year long.”

Individual awards went to:

Dallas Ward – High Overall Female, 1st place overall skeet, 1st place female skeet, 4th place overall trap, 1st place female trap, 1st place overall sporting clays, 1st place female sporting clays
Tate Skipper – 3rd place skeet, 5th place sporting clays
Bryce Daniel – 5th place skeet
Walker Perkins – 3rd place sporting clays

All-State shooters from FPD were Dallas Ward, Tate Skipper, Bryce Daniel, and Walker Perkins.

The Vikings graduate seniors Andrew Cohen, Bryce Daniel, Jackson Martin, Tate Skipper, Truett Frame, and Will Farmer.

The team is poised to continue their success with a strong group of rising student-athletes and a middle school team that won their state title as well.