FPD Volleyball

As captains of the 2018 FPD Volleyball team, Emily Cox (’20) and Wynter Callahan (’20) have led their team through a terrific season. The area tournament is on the horizon this Saturday, October 13 and the girls are ready! We wanted to touch base with Emily and Wynter about their season and what they hope to accomplish in post-season play.

When did you start playing volleyball?

Wynter – I actually started playing volleyball in the third grade. Which in that time, it was really just a game of get the ball over the net one time and celebrate. I didn’t start playing competitive volleyball until I moved to Georgia in sixth grade. 

Emily – I started playing volleyball in 6th grade

As captains, what are your roles on the team?

Wynter – As a captain, I think my teammates look at me in tough situations. Emily and I are both kind of the voices of reason. 

Emily – As a captain, one of my roles on the court is just to be a safe haven for everyone, keep everyone calm but also pumped up for the games, participate in everything, and set a good example for the team. Family is everything and the volleyball team is one big family. So whenever someone is down or needs help with anything, they can always come to me as a captain, and I will gladly help them.

Do you have a team Bible verse or saying this year?

Wynter – We do have a team saying. It’s a saying that Coach Sarah came up with, “You can always give more!” When she first introduced it to us I was thinking, is she serious? Sometimes I feel like can’t give more, but then I go back to the saying. I go back to the times in the middle of the games when I could see the look of “what do I do” in my teammates’ faces, the look of “ I’m trying my best.” I think, Wynter, you CAN give more, you HAVE to give more, you WILL give more, for them. 

Emily –  Whenever we step out on the court, step into the classroom, or just strive to be better women in the community, there is always more to give. When we are in a tight game or just at an everyday practice, there is always room to give more than your opponents. God has given us the abilities to play volleyball, so we believe that every time we step foot on the court we should play for Him and always give more because He has given us the opportunity to do so.

The team has had a great season. To what do you attribute that success?

Wynter – The team has a tremendous season and I will say I contribute 1/14 of that! I think our team has been as successful because we all play for one another. We respect each other, as we do our opponents, and we win with dignity and class.

Emily – Everyone on the court contributes to the success of this team.

Do you have any thoughts going into the Area Tournament?

Wynter –  My thought going into the Area Tournament is to show MDS who FPD really is. When we played them at our home gym [earlier this season], that was not our best game. I honestly think everyone had nerves about it. But I truly think when we meet them in the Area Tournament, which we will, they will see an FPD team they have never seen before. 

Emily – I have never been this excited, truthfully, going into the Area tournament. I know we can win. We have all the right tools, and I have complete trust in my teammates. 

What would you say to younger students who were considering playing volleyball?

Wynter –  Some people think volleyball is too easy or boring but that comes from people who don’t understand it. To truly be good, you have to put in as much work as any other sport. Anybody can teach technique, but you have to come in with the right attitude. 

Emily – Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid to tryout, because honestly the volleyball community is such a loving community. Playing volleyball gives you an opportunity to gain a second family! And if you do decide to play volleyball, cherish every moment you step foot onto that court because before you know it, it will be your own senior night.

Wynter, this is your first year at FPD. How has it been so far?

Wynter – I am enjoying myself. Volleyball was a major contribution to adjusting on the first couple days because I had been with the JV team and Varsity team all summer so I actually knew people on my first couple days. Everyone at FPD is so nice and so welcoming.

Good luck, girls!

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