Emory Thompson (’25) loves history! Recently, she enrolled in the Junior Docent program at Macon’s Cannonball House and is now a trained tour guide for this historic Macon home. We wanted to touch base with Emory to learn more about her exciting new venture.

How did you hear about the Junior Docent Program?

I heard about the junior docent program from Miss Brown, my 5th grade social studies teacher. She knows that I am a history buff and so when she looked on the Cannonball House’s Facebook page, she saw that they were looking for some history-loving children to be the 2019 junior docents. She knew that I would be interested!

What appealed to you about the program?

A few things that appealed to me about this program is that I get to learn more about the history of the Cannonball House, I get to give tours, and I get to teach people about the house.

Have you toured the Cannonball House before?

I toured the Cannonball House in the 3rd grade. The grade went on a field trip to the Hay House, the Sidney Lanier Cottage, and the Cannonball House. When we got back to school, we had to write about which one was our favorite. My favorite was the Cannonball House because the house felt very homey, I loved the history of the house, and just the house itself.

What did the training for the Junior Docent program entail?

The training was really exciting, and we did not have to learn a whole bunch of information. However, we did have to learn the tour and the orientation. During the training we went to the Hay House, toured around the Cannonball House, built columns made out of hard dry clay, and other activities that got us ready.

Now that you’ve done the training, what about the Cannonball House is most interesting to you?

I love that Macon has a connection to the Civil War because of the Cannonball House and that a lot of people from around the U.S. come to see and tour the Cannonball House.

What is your role as a Junior Docent?

My role is to give tours whenever it is my turn to, to do activities with kids, and to teach people about the Cannonball House. I can also answer phones and more.

Why would you encourage people to come take a tour of the Cannonball House?

I would encourage people to come because you learn more about Macon and the Civil War. There are fun activities and the whole house is very interesting to see. You can see some of the furniture and items that were from the Civil War time period. Come by and let me give you a tour!