FPD’s Middle School students are ready to present a wonderful performance of “The Entire American Revolution in 40 Minutes or Less” on Thursday and Friday evening, January 24 & 25. We wanted to check in with two of the performers to get their take on the show.

Hollis Correa ’24 plays Floyd, an American colonist who is madly in love with a British girl named Gertrude. Lily Sue Holcomb ’24 has the role of a sassy American colonist.

How would you describe the play?

Hollis: The play is a high energy production that is based on exaggerated acting, movement, and humor. I also enjoy how we get to teach stories of history in an exciting and hilarious way!

Lily Sue: I would describe the play as informative and educational but entertaining and fun, for both the actors and the audience.

What’s been the most challenging part of the production?

Hollis: The most challenging part of the production was how the cast had to keep up a great level of energy while still not going over-board with silliness. You have to walk a fine line, but with this being kind of a crazy show we had some slack.

Lily Sue: I feel like the most challenging part of the production is staying quiet backstage and waiting for the cast list!

Why do you think families would enjoy the performance?

Hollis: This show is made for families and kids. The play is kid friendly. It also has a great level of humor that it designed specifically for kids.

Lily Sue: I think families will enjoy this play because it is educational and funny, a great comedy with jokes from our generation and our parents’ generation.

What’s your favorite part about performing with your friends in FPD’s theatre program?

Hollis: My favorite part of performing at the FPD theatre programs is all the close bonds and friendships that we develop throughout the year. We learn a lot about each other and can get along well because we all share a common goal.

Lily Sue: I always get to make new friendships. I love meeting new friends and also trusting others I might not know.

Tickets are available at fpd.booktix.com.

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