When instructed to pick a focus for her AP Art Portfolio, FPD Senior Olsen Kate Jones knew exactly what she wanted it to be – the kids of the Casa Hogar orphanage in Mexico. That focus turned into an outreach with Olsen Kate deciding to auction off her paintings at the Missions Conference at First Presbyterian Church, the proceeds going to her beloved Casa Hogar.

By the end of the conference, Olsen Kate’s four beautiful paintings brought in $1400 for the Mexican mission. We caught up with her for a little Q & A about her project.

Why did you want the proceeds to go to Casa Hogar?

I want the proceeds to go to Casa Hogar because I want to be able to help them and this is a way to financially help them with an immediate need, even if it’s not a lot, and a way to raise awareness of the orphanage in general for people to possibly give to them in the future.

How do you feel you have grown by doing this project?

I guess I have grown while doing this project by being able to take time focusing on one specific kid that I’m painting. In AP we have deadlines that are hard to meet without taking my projects home and spending many hours on them at night a couple of days a week. The time alone in my room painting the kids has allowed me to spend time thinking on the specific child I’m painting on deeper levels, which basically just leads to missing Casa Hogar!

What do you hope the outcome will be?

I hope that people give because they want to make a difference in the lives of the children at Casa Hogar. A project as small as this I know wouldn’t cover much, but at the most I hope it raises awareness and inspires people to give to the orphanage in the future and to pray for them now.

Rapid Fire Questions

Favorite subject(s) to paint? The children of Casa Hogar are the best!
Favorite medium to use? Acrylic paint on stretched canvas
Favorite artist? Mrs. Butler
Favorite place to paint? On the easel in my room