1-to-1 Technology

In 2013, FPD implemented the 1-to-1 Initiative with each student in fifth through twelfth grade receiving a school-issued Lenovo tablet pc on which to complete his or her assignments, take notes, and collaborate on school projects.

The initiative is in full stride now with students and teachers engaged with the curriculum in ways that were previously not possible and our alumni are better prepared to enter a digitally-robust society.

Beginning with the 2019-2020 academic year, FPD is excited to introduce a new device, the Dell 5290s, that will help teachers and students work even more productively and efficiently.

Benefits of 1-to-1

Access to Content
Students will be issues their own tablet PCs (about a $1,800 value) loaded with roughly $2,000 worth of software. The machines will provide students access to internet and network resources, digital textbooks, and more.

Critically Engaged Learning
A true 1-to-1 program allows for technology-enhanced instruction, interactive media, educational software application, classroom connection as well as giving teachers monitoring capabilities.

Meaningful & Creative Expression
Tablet PCs provide both standard productivity tools as well as those for developing oral, visual, collaborative and multimedia composition skills.

Connection to the Teacher
A 1-to-1 classroom includes shared notebooks, meaning feedback can be instant between teacher and student, giving all students equal access to instruction and guidance.

21st Century Skills & Issues
Students in a 1-to-1 environment develop vital technology skills as well as critical engagement with and evaluation of current issues in a technological society.

Student Tablet Contract (Updated June 2016)