Viking for a Day Visits

Viking for a Day Visits are a great way for students to experience a day at FPD. Prospective students will be paired with another student in the same grade and have the opportunity to meet new friends, teachers, and learn more about what an education at FPD is all about. Students can be paired with a friend if they know someone already attending FPD or the Enrollment Office will work with you to match your child with a student who shares similar interests and activities.

Viking for a Day Visits:

  • Help your child meet new friends before enrolling at FPD.
  • Give a glimpse of the opportunities at FPD.
  • Allow your child to connect with wonderful faculty and staff before starting school at FPD.
  • Give you a better understanding of what a day at FPD is all about.

Next Steps:

  • After submitting the form, a representative from our Enrollment Office will contact you to set up a Viking for a Day Visit.
  • They can pair your child with a friend who attends FPD or will match him or her with an FPD student who shares similar interests.
  • On the day of the Viking for a Day Visit, you will go to Administrative Office and your child’s Viking for a Day Buddy will meet him or her there.