FPD Instructional Support

The purpose of FPD’s Instructional Support program is to guide students in the development of strategies to use their God-given talents to achieve their top academic potential.

Students receive assistance during the school day from trained faculty members who help them improve in reading comprehension, writing skills, math performance, test taking, and other areas as needed. 

Helping Students Reach Their Top Academic Potential

How we accomplish this in Elementary & Middle School School:

By teaching self-advocacy skills

By providing academic support

Offering strategies for organizational and study skills

Granting of approved testing accommodations

How we accomplish this in High School:

By teaching self-advocacy skills

Delivering academic support to be concentrated in subject areas as determined by the I.S. staff (on an individual basis)

Strengthening of executive skills

Providing testing accommodations as approved by College Board

Develop Strong Reading Skills

Reading Boost

FPD’s Reading Boost program provides an extra boost for students who need help with phonemic awareness, phonics skills, and fluency. The program uses the Orton-Gillingham method, a multi-sensory approach that enables learners to capitalize on their strengths while remediating deficits.

Email Cathy Knight for more information.

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Instructional Support Fees

Instructional support costs vary by grade level and program. For questions and information, contact Kelly Bullington, Director of FPD’s Instruction Support Program.

Instructional Support Team

Cathy Knight

Elementary Instructional Support

Kelly Bullington

Director of Instructional Support

Cindy Patterson

Reading Boost Teacher

Lisa Galloway

Instructional Support Instructor