After graduating from FPD, Tali attended The University of Georgia and Middle Tennessee State University. She earned a bachelor’s in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Music Business in her undergraduate studies. She then decided to attend law school and earned her Juris Doctorate. Tali is now a co-owner and partner with 50 Egg Music in Nashville, Tn.

We wanted to catch up with her and talk to her about her career in the country music business!

How did you get into the music industry initially – was it something you were always interested in?

I have always been interested in the music industry. Ironically, in the Saga newspaper our senior year, they poked fun that my career would be “in the music industry in Nashville”. While at the University of Georgia, I began interning in the Nashville music scene and eventually moved to Nashville permanently. The industry is as much “who you know” as it is “what you know” in the beginning. I was able to make great relationships and intern in multiple companies in order to get my foot in the door.

What is 50 Egg Music?

In 2016, my business partner and friend Jonathan Singleton and I began working with a brand-new artist named Luke Combs. This was prior to the superstar he is now. We co-signed him to his first publishing deal and had an incredible run of 3 years all the way to the top! Then, when our contracts ended at the company we were at, we decided to partner up and start 50 Egg Music together (all 3 of us). The goal was to create a music company that embraced the artist and songwriter, help them develop their craft, and do things a little differently than they’ve historically been done in the music industry. That’s what we’ve been doing, and it’s been a really fun ride so far. We get to work with some incredible talent every day.

How do you feel like FPD prepared you for your career?

The thing I loved most about FPD is that it gave us a Christian foundation. I value my relationship with Christ above all things. I also got a solid education that helped me in my transition to college and law school.

Any favorite teachers/coaches/staff at FPD?

There were so many great teachers! I remember being such great friends with Candace Weems and Davey Keys. And of course, Mrs. Keys was the greatest nurse to all of us “sick” kids. I think we just wanted to hang out with her in elementary school!

What advice would you have for current FPD students interested in the music industry?

My advice would be to experience the music industry, not just study it. Real-world experiences like internships and working are invaluable!  It’s also important to set yourself apart by having multiple skill sets!

Tali and her husband, Will, have been married for 8 years. Will is an insurance agent and owner of a collegiate baby product company called Gamezies. They have two little girls, Lennon and Lyla Joy. The family currently resides in a quiet small town outside of Nashville.