Sing Him Praises

The chorus program at FPD enables and enriches each student to use the vocal talents God has given them. Students study various music compositions that enhance their musical abilities including vocal techniques, proper breathing techniques, diction, pronunciation, musical phrasing, music theory, ear training, and sight-singing training.

The Choral program consists of two choirs - 5th grade Chorus and Middle & High School Chorus.

Chorus Options

5th Grade Chorus

Fifth grade chorus is a year-long course in chorus through which student learn the basics of vocal performance and perform at various FPD events throughout the year including the Elementary Christmas Program, Grandparents’ Day, and other events.

Middle & High School Chorus Options

In Middle & High School, students can elect to take a semester course in chorus. Students enhance their vocal talents and showcase their abilities at various performances throughout the year including a winter and spring concert.

Chorus Directors

Andrew Strickland

Director of Fine Arts, Theatre Director, and Prop Dance Coach

Brayden Hutcheson

Elementary Music