ashley childers-websiteThe Choral Music program at First Presbyterian Day School enables and enriches each student to use the talents God has given them. Students will study various music compositions which will enhance their musical abilities including vocal techniques, proper breathing techniques, diction, pronunciation, musical phrasing, music theory, ear training, and sight-singing training.

The Choral program consists of three choirs – 5th grade Chorus, Middle School Chorus and High School Chorus. Each Chorus has many opportunities to perform throughout the school year – singing National Anthem at sporting events, fall activities, Choral Festivals, Christmas Program, Community Service opportunities, Spring Fine Arts program, Grandparents Day, Graduation events and Chapel and Church events.

The Choral students at First Presbyterian Day School also have the opportunity to compete in Music Literary Competition each year. The music competition includes Girls Soloist, Boys Soloist, Girls Trio, Boys Quartet and Piano Solo. Each group prepares two selections for competition.

The Choral Program at FPD consistently strives to develop an educationally rewarding choir experience.

Ashley Childers
Chorus Director