Make a Joyful Noise!

In FPD Lower School Music children actively participate in making music! We sing, play instruments, and move in ensemble experiences. The room is filled with joy as students learn about rhythms, beats, and composition, based on the Orff Schulwerk method. Orff Schulwerk is based on things children like to do: sing, chant rhymes, clap, dance, and keep a beat. These instincts are directed into learning music by hearing and making music first, then reading and writing it later.

FPD's lower school music program begins in 3K and continues through 4th grade. In 5th grade, students select from band or chorus.

FPD Strings Program

FPD launched a kindergarten strings program in 2020 as an enhancement to the lower school music program. Using the highly-proclaimed Suzuki method, FPD students learn the basics of playing the violin using small 1/4 violins that are built to fit the length of a child’s arm. In addition to learning the basics of violin performance, students learn to play in an ensemble, take care of an instrument, read music, develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and work as a group.

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Lower School Performances

FPD’s lower school students perform for parents and grandparents on two occasions each year – Grandparents’ Day and a Christmas Program.

Elementary Music Christmas Performance

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FPD Lower School Music Teacher

Brayden Hutcheson

Elementary Music