FPD's School Nurse

Welcome to the webpage for FPD’s School Nurse, Mrs. Katie Collier. Katie is a 2008 graduate of FPD and holds of Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Georgia Southwestern State University. Prior to becoming FPD’s school nurse in 2020, Katie served as an emergency room nurse with Navicent Health since 2013.

Katie’s husband, Brett, serves as an FPD football and wrestling coach as well as teaches high school weights class. The Colliers have two beautiful daughters, Maddie and Mollie.

Contact FPD’s School Nurse, Katie Collier, by email at katie.collier@fpdmacon.org.

Health Guidelines

Our goal at FPD is to keep all students healthy and in class school. However, there are times when students may need to stay home and/or see their doctor.

When to stay home from school:

  • Vomiting during the night
  • Fever of 100.0 or higher
  • Head lice to include nits and live lice.
  • Tested positive for COVID, FLU, or STREP
  • Suspicion of pink eye due to redness, itching, or drainage of the eye.

When can a student return to school after being sick?

  • Strep throat diagnosis- after treatment of antibiotics has started AND fever free for 24 hours without needing medications.
  • Flu diagnosis- fever free for 24 hours and symptoms improving.
  • Positive COVID test- please contact School Nurse for guidance.
  • Pink eye-after evaluation and treatment have started from a physician or nurse practitioner.

When might a student get sent home from school?

  • Vomiting- any episode of vomiting while at school will require a parent/guardian to pick up the student.
  • Uncontrolled coughing- we do not administer cough medications during school hours therefore if a student’s cough cannot be managed with cough drops and water, a parent/guardian will be called for pickup.
  • Continued complaints of pain or not feeling well- after several visits to the nurse’s clinic, a parent will be called.
  • Suspicion of conjunctivitis (pink eye)- any concern of possible pink eye will be sent home until evaluated and cleared by a physician or nurse practitioner.

*A doctor’s note of clearance for school may be appropriate for certain situations.