Our summer reading program at FPD is designed to encourage students to read appropriate selections that can challenge and improve their reading comprehension.  This summer we are also including common reads in middle and high school to generate discussion next fall. We hope each student will find these reading assignments will enhance their summer experience.

1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade


Middle School Summer Reading Packet


High School Summer Reading Packet

All High School students must read TWO books and complete the assignments listed:

Faculty Selection:  Students may view their Book Selection on their Viking Connect.  Students should click their “Official Notes” at top of the page and then click the “Faculty Choice Book – Summer Reading”  link, which will display their book title and author.  This book will be discussed in small groups after the start of the school year.

Books required below based on grade/class:

9th grade College Prep (CP): Fahrenheit 451

9th grade Honors: Anthem 

10th grade College Prep (CP): The Last Battle  

10th Grade HonorsLord of the Flies

11th Grade College Prep (CP) American Literature:

11th Grade AP Language and Composition: The Overachievers and Outliers

12th Grade College Prep (CP) British Literature: 1984

12th Grade AP Literature and Composition: 1984 and Book of your choice